We invest in start-ups. Read our quick guide for inventors.


We engage in start-ups, as partners or consultants. We assist you in bringing your idea to life.

We believe in rapid prototyping. This means taking your idea to a “light” conceptual level, concerning business strategy and design, after which we build a prototype and go for testing in the market.

We are always ready for at talk and a coffee, and open to discuss your idea and the possible steps to take.


Rule no. 1

No startups are alike, so no process fits all.

Rule no. 2

Don't expect your girlfriend or aunt, to understand the offering of your idea until you have a prototype to show them. This will make them experience your idea.

Rule no. 3

“Same but cheaper” is not a strong argument anymore.


Following is an Inventor’s Quick Guide.

Phase 01:

1. Research the market

  • Does your idea already exist?

  • Search for existing benchmarks What does the competitors do?

  • Contact relevant manufacturers and developers, to get a feeling of expenses.

2. Understand and scope your users

  • Who are your users?

  • Explore your user’s need and behavior when interacting with your idea.

3. Sign the documents, but keep it light.

It is our experience, that great projects needs inspiration from great people. Don’t be afraid to show your idea to trusted people. After 15 years in the market, we have never experienced bad behavior.

Most new ideas and inventions are actually a modification or an improvement of already existing products. So don't give up just yet!

Phase 02:

4. Conceptual design (not the final design)

The process of making the idea tangible begins.

5. Make the prototype - Physical or digital

6. Visualize the total user experience. Include all services and products.  

7. Test your conceptual idea in the real world. Be clear with the offering you are bringing.

Phase 03:

8. Calculate your production costs, based on your prototype

9. Provide feedback from your prefered sales channels, based on your prototype

10. Do the math! Analyse your feedback, decide whether to let your startup live or die.

Phase 04:

If your idea is coming out as a “healthy” prospect, you step into a new level of opportunities.

The final design solutions are to be developed, sales platforms and marketing to be build up, supply chain to be organized and so forth.

At this level, you must decide whether to sell your solutions or units to a product buyer, license your solutions, or if you want to build up a full organization.